Kathleen Patrick


Kathy Frederick-Caldwell joined The Spectrum Financial Group, Inc in August 2016 adding to her portfolio the additional services and insurance options Spectrum Financial provides! Spectrum believes in the team approach, and that fits well with Kathy. It is hard to be an expert in every aspect of financial planning.


Growing up with grandfathers in the insurance industry taught her at a young age how important it is to protect our families! Being the oldest of 5, raised in Detroit, Michigan, Kathy was always helping others. Thus, the service to others grew long and became well established.


Kathy moved to Indiana in 1976 to be closer to family. While raising two sons as a single parent, with one income, Kathy started selling term life insurance in the 80’s. She began selling term life insurance to help not only her family but also to help protect other families too.


From a personal experience, losing a spouse to cancer in 2010, Kathy saw firsthand how financially devastating it can be for a family. This CAN all be avoided with proper planning and she was not prepared.


Supplemental benefits are an important piece of every comprehensive protection plan.Proper planning can help you and your families avoid hardships and financial devastation. It is important to plan for our futures, if we live too long, die too early, and all of the hazards that come in between! In retirement every day will be like a Saturday, only we will still need income/money!


The Spectrum Financial Group, Inc. has all of the experts to help clients achieve their dreams and protect their families.


“I am blessed to be a part of this team!” 

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