Rodney Nichols, MBA


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Longevity and Experience: I am enjoying 25 years of manufacturing management experience overlapped with 20 years of adult education instruction and non-profit executive administration. My present career in insurance services will take me well into my golden years.


Financial Industry Experience: I provide life, health, disability, and long term care insurance products and services to both individuals and organizations which includes personal and group planning sessions/workshops.


Building Relationships: My past has created a beautiful present and future! Helping individuals to be the best that they can be has been a ministry for me since my high school days. I wasn’t a star athlete or someone that made straight “A’s”, but I enjoyed helping my fellow classmates solve problems and enjoy life. In recent years I have been able to use a simple referral system to meet amazing individuals and help them turn their dreams into goals and their goals into reality!


My Commitment to the Industry: I have a strong commitment to American Businesses large and small and this motivated me to earn an Executive MBA from the University of Indianapolis of which I have used in corporate, non-profit, and small business sectors. I have a passion for educating adults in the formal collegiate environment and sharing knowledge in workshops and training sessions. I obtained my Life and Health producers license to have a positive impact on the insurance services industry that is struggling to satisfy the demand for quality financial products and services.


A Company like no other: Throughout my life, I have been blessed to attend outstanding schools, and have careers with leading organizations such as General Motors, Harrison College, Indiana Wesleyan University, and the Boys and Girls Club of America. These life enriching experiences prepared me to join The Spectrum Financial Group, Inc. where we strive to be the best at providing amazing services to all of our clients regardless of their social or economic position.


The Total Person: My academic and career choices, especially my decision to join The Spectrum Financial Group, Inc. have increased my ability to be the “Total Person!” I really enjoy life to the fullest every day. Being the “Total Person” I am able to serve God and our church at a much higher level…I believe that I am a much better husband, father, grandparent, foster parent and friend. The best is yet to come because I now have “time freedom, money freedom, and freedom to grow!”

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